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Virtual consultations

Launching your service – and doing it right

Virtual consultations

The emergence of COVID-19 has moved the delivery of virtual consultations from a mid-term ambition to an urgent priority. Their convenience, efficiency and low cost promise not only to transform the way in which patients book and receive healthcare, but to reduce the immediate stress levels on an overburdened care system and professionals working to their limits.

From our experience of helping healthcare and insurance professionals quickly establish a virtual consultation service, we believe the focus should be on the patient and consultant experience – not on the technology and tools. While the immediate requirement is to quickly set up and scale virtual consultations at speed, the end goal is to create a service that patients feel comfortable using.

Our report explores how to launch a virtual consultation service. Given recent events and the global spread of coronavirus, the guidance within has acquired greater urgency than we’d imagined. We hope our recommendations help healthcare professionals respond to the pandemic, better serve a concerned public and alleviate the pressure on the system.

Virtual consultations

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