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The always-on advantage

How transport leaders can embed and elevate transport resilience

In the face of global disruption, transport organisations have achieved new levels of resilience. Now they need to keep building. Not just to withstand the shocks reshaping our world – but to be the first to respond to new opportunities.

To explore transport resilience lessons from the past three years, and the path to future success, we completed an in-depth study of how organisations are pivoting from ‘ad-hoc responsiveness’ to develop a permanent capability to survive and prosper.

The study shares the insights of 360 European transport leaders from across road, rail, aviation, and logistics organisations, looking at how they have elevated resilience to a strategic priority through:

  • Embedding a resilience mindset within people and culture
  • Training their resilience muscle across processes and operations
  • Developing resilience that considers the interconnectedness of risk and opportunity across the supply chain and wider ecosystem.

Download our report to find out how you can drive competitive advantage by developing a robust, modern resilience capability within your organisation.

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