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The future automated workforce

A guide to AI and automation

The future automated workforce

Robots will transform jobs. They may have started by taking on the routine work and the tasks we don’t want to do, but as artificial intelligence (AI) gets cleverer no role will be unchanged. That’s not to say all people will become redundant, but we will have to adapt our skills to create a new automated workforce.

This gives HR teams a critical role in managing these developments effectively. HR teams should be leading the debate on what work is done by whom, when and where, including looking at how HR itself can modernise.

Download our guide to AI and automation to:

  • understand how the workforce will need to change and adapt to maximise the business benefits of AI and automation
  • find out how the role of HR will change
  • get practical tips on how to create an effective HR strategy for the future of work.
The future automated workforce

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