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The Breakthrough Brigade

The world needs innovation, now more than ever.

The greater the challenge, the greater the demand for breakthrough innovation:

  • to solve the world’s biggest problems
  • to create resilient, thriving communities
  • to preserve our planet
  • to unlock growth.

While the majority struggle to deliver breakthrough innovation, a new group have emerged who have mastered the approach – and made it repeatable. This is the Breakthrough Brigade.

These organisations excel in five areas:

  • they dare to be a breakthrough growth leader, setting the tone for innovation
  • they invest in experimentation and embed a culture of fearlessness
  • they ready the rebels, recruiting, retaining and realises those who disrupt
  • they build an innovation engine to bridge the gap between ideation and commercialisation
  • they nail the idea before they scale the idea.

The challenge is to deliver something fundamentally different, brave and exciting. But breakthrough innovation isn’t easy.

Together, we can open opportunities to grow through breakthrough innovation.

Turn your bold and brave ideas into purposeful, long-term growth.

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