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Choreographing patient centricity

Pharma’s big opportunity as service integrators

The pressing need for the health ecosystem to design and deliver responses that meet patient needs at rapid speed has only been heightened by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Advances in technology and more connected, empowered patients mean true patient centricity is now a tangible goal. While pharma has made inroads in recent years, it has an opportunity to do more.

Pharma is perfectly placed to choreograph end to end services that deliver truly valuable health benefits to people. Our report explores the opportunity for pharma to become service integrators, orchestrating the healthcare ecosystem to focus on the patient. It sets out the key steps to seize the opportunity, covering how pharma leaders can:

  • develop an agile, digital-first mindset to engage with, and respond to, patients
  • take more risks, forming new partnerships to drive innovation
  • create a culture that listens to patients and rewards patient-centred behaviours.

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