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Making Sustainable Aviation Fuels a Reality

Practical steps for aviation leaders to achieve the UK’s net-zero emissions goals by 2050

Making Sustainable Aviation Fuels a RealityAs the UK aviation industry accelerates its commitment towards net-zero aviation by 2050, companies are working out how to kick-start progress in an increasingly complex environment. There is a clear imperative to act and the UK is uniquely positioned to play a leading role in the development and adoption of sustainable aviation fuels (SAF) to shape a net-zero aviation industry.

Ahead of the launch of our full white paper in collaboration with Aerospace, Defence, Security & Space (ADS) – a quality organisation representing over 1,100 business across these sectors – this summary report explores the key blockers and recommendations to achieve the commercialisation of SAF.
Building on research with senior industry executives and in-depth research across the value chain, our summary identifies:

• key blockers to development of the UK SAF industry across the aviation value chain
• why now presents the ideal environment and opportunity for change across industry and government, building on the publication of the Sustainable Aviation net-zero roadmap
• five clear recommendations for leaders to unblock and accelerate the SAF industry.

With actionable insight and practical steps, our summary sets out how aviation leaders can achieve the UK’s net-zero emissions goals by 2050.
Making Sustainable Aviation Fuels a Reality

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