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A dose of innovation

Understanding the perceptions and potential of clinical research

Clinical trial transformation is ongoing, but has not yet reached it’s full potential. To improve efficiency, pharma and biotech organisations need to accelerate initiatives that put patient and participant priorities at the centre, enabling a shift to new, reimagined, data-driven clinical trials.

Our recent pulse survey of 2,000 US respondents shows that people recognize the importance and impact of clinical trials, exploring:

  • How clinical trials are essential to bring life-saving medicines to market
  • How comfortable patients are sharing their health data with researchers to accelerate research and development
  • How pharma companies can tap into data to deliver faster, cost-effective clinical research.

Access our research to learn:


What 52% of respondents say is their number one concern in participating in clinical trials


What personal factors would motivate 75% of people to participate in a trial


What 47% of respondents said about the use of AI in trials

Download our research to uncover the implications for pharma companies and the wider healthcare ecosystem when developing new treatments and explore the actions pharma organisations can take now to provide transparent, trusted, and transformational clinical trials.

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