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A framework for making breakthrough impact on the SDGs through innovation

A step-by-step practical guide

Working with the UN Global Compact, the world’s largest corporate sustainability initiative, and Volans, a corporation that conducts major inquiries into global issues, our innovation and sustainability experts produced a framework on how to innovate for the SDGs.

The framework helps organisations target their innovation processes to better address the SDGs. It also provides a toolkit for building the breakthroughs needed to progress the SDGs using disruptive technologies and business models.

With step-by-step guidance on how innovation teams can use the SDGs as a lens to uncover new product, service and business model opportunities, this framework is essential reading for any organisations committed to the SDGs.

Download the framework to understand:

  • what breakthrough innovation is
  • how to use the SDGs as a lens for ideation
  • how to apply breakthrough to your existing innovation pipeline
  • methodologies and tools for achieving your goals
  • how other companies are innovating.

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