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Transport mode resilience

Four routes to gaining the always-on advantage


Whichever mode of transport you work in, the very nature of disruption has changed. It’s more intense and interconnected than ever before. The need for leaders to make resilience an always-on priority is clear – during both good times and bad.

Our first report in this series explored overall resilience lessons for transport leaders from the past three years. This research report digs deeper. It dives into the specific findings for each transport mode. So, whether you’re in rail, road, aviation, or logistics, you’ll find a tailored route to creating always-on resilience, taking into account the specific challenges, opportunities, and the agenda for change of your mode.

Download our report to uncover the specific resilience lessons for your mode, and how you can better collaborate with your peers to create a more resilient transport industry.

Our research of 360 transport leaders across Europe found that:


Aviation is the mode most likely to say that the importance placed on resilience has waned since the COVID-19 pandemic, and is the most likely mode to view resilience as a challenge rather than an opportunity.


Rail is the mode most likely to recognise that not being resilient costs more in the long term, yet also the most likely to believe that the worst disruption has already happened.


Road has seen the largest uptick in its rating of organisational resilience over the past two to three years, yet is still the most likely mode to cite a lack of relevant skills or knowledge around resilience.


Logistics is the mode most likely to see resilience as an opportunity, and is the least dependent mode on disruption as an accelerator of resilience.

Discover the specific resilience lessons for your mode now.

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