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Tomorrow’s Universities, Today

Principles for prospering in a changed world

In our latest report, we explore the emerging opportunities that will allow universities to break away from current constraints and give them the power to reaffirm their relevance, value and resilience.

We believe universities need to adhere to four key principles:

  1. Embrace and live outward-looking purposes.
  2. Exploit digital technologies to reframe interactions and experiences.
  3. Become more open to form truly strategic relationships.
  4. Design innovative business models to prosper from shared value creation.

A few progressive universities are already investigating alternative norms, market strategies and working practices. They’re reframing and expanding their relationships with learners, businesses, local communities and each other, often using the kind of technologies commonplace in other sectors.

Our thinking explores how these innovations can move from the margins to the mainstream. It’s a watershed moment for universities to become more agile, diverse and outward-looking – and ready to prosper in a different world.

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