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The future of reusable packaging in quick service restaurants.

In the UK and US, over 13 million tons of plastic packaging flood the consumer market annually. The good news is that over 80 percent of consumers feel we have a collective responsibility to reduce single-use plastics, and regulations are helping to drive change towards reuse and refill systems.

In response, the quick serve restaurant (QSR) industry is seeking innovative approaches to accelerate sustainability – with reuse and refill initiatives now at a crucial tipping point. 

We surveyed 4,000 consumers across the UK and US who shop from 28 leading brands to uncover motivations, challenges and barriers related to reusable packaging in QSRs. And we have turned this insight into possible future concepts to inspire and stimulate innovation.

Download the survey results to understand:

  • Key findings and actions for the future
  • Consumer attitudes towards sustainability and reusable packaging
  • Top barriers and enablers to adoption
  • Preferred incentives to drive consumer motivation

Consumers agree it’s crunch time for collective responsibility.


acknowledge the collective responsibility in reducing single-use plastics (82% UK/77% US)



believe reusable packaging is the future (64% UK/56% US)

Explore how we’re accelerating sustainable innovation across products, packaging, and manufacturing.

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