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Rethinking regulators 2023

Staying ahead in a more volatile world.

Read our report to get into the minds of 2,000 citizens, as well as 500 leaders working in regulated businesses.

People’s trust in regulators, and the expectations they place on them, tells us that the more volatile and difficult times are, the more crucial regulators’ stabilising, guiding influence on businesses, markets, and citizens becomes.

In a time of political upheaval, mounting anxiety about climate change, and concern about the cost of living and surging inflation, now feels like the right time to revisit regulation.

To position themselves to better protect citizens and businesses, and to build and promote trust, growth, and innovation, there are three steps for regulators to take:

  1. Re-examine your remit and priorities: Clear up confusion and boost buy-in by re-examining your role as a regulator
  2. Walk in your stakeholders’ shoes: Redouble efforts to engage and communicate value
  3. Adopt platform thinking: Cut the regulatory burden and deliver greater impact.

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