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Growing with a platform

A leader's playbook to building a platform business

It’s easy to assume the platform game is the exclusive domain of digital natives. But while the likes of Google, Amazon and Microsoft have got a head start and proved the potential of platforms, it’s the incumbent traditional organisations that will reshape the world tomorrow.

Incumbent organisations have well-established brands, deep customer relationships, access to capital, domain expertise and global reach, which are huge advantages when building a platform business model. But what does it take to be successful?

The path forward is to create organisational agility, from top to bottom, so you can build a culture of continuous innovation. Instead of constantly striving to stay relevant in a fast-changing market, you’ll define new standards and experiences your competitors must match.

You can empower your organisation to take this journey, but it will require a leadership shift. If your business has operated with a command and control structure, you’ll need to pivot to an experimental mindset, freeing yourself and your teams from the fear and constraints of failure. And you’ll need to show your leaders how to serve as coaches and mentors, aligned around the common goal of creating value for your customers and users, rather than just acting as the sole arbiters of strategy.

In this playbook, we outline the three steps that will take you on this journey: strategise, innovate and grow. And we provide the practical advice, plans and tools for making this critical shift.

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