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Changing track: the future of rail

Integrated, seamless and passenger-centric railways for the UK

Rail is at a tipping point. Industry can continue to evolve in line with incremental change, or take action today to become a vital integrator in the future of UK transportation.

Our latest research reveals what the next 30 years may hold in store for rail. And goes on to illustrate the five steps industry can take, today, to achieve the brightest future for the sector.

Based on insights direct from key industry leaders, international research and our FutureWorldsTM methodology, the report digs deep into:

  • key trends impacting rail and the UK economy
  • what potential outcomes await the rail industry in 2050
  • which five steps rail can take to deliver a seamless, integrated and passenger-centric railway
  • how a clear vision, customer focus, data exploitation, and an innovative, agile culture will transform the railway
  • why leaders must adopt a new agenda to reimagine rail for the UK.

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