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PA's Energy & Utilities Talks

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Welcome to PA's Energy & Utilities Talks, a series of webinars for a community of industry leaders across the global energy and utilities sector to discuss pressing issues, explore emerging trends and find tangible solutions to tackle the biggest challenges.

Our webinar series hosted by PA’s Energy & Utilities experts and regional leads deep dives into sectors such as offshore wind, hydrogen, CCUS, renewable energy, nuclear, consumer and retail energy, and clean and smart mobility. We’ll also explore the key enabling network infrastructure, government policies, economic regulation and market designs, providing tangible insights to shape your strategic, investment and commercial decisions.

What sets our webinars apart is our unwavering commitment to providing unique perspectives on the biggest challenges shaping the energy and utilities sector. We will go beyond surface-level discussions, delivering actionable strategies and tangible insights that empower you to turn challenges into opportunities.

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Upcoming webinars

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Past webinars

29 May 2024

Confronting the energy transition skills gap
Wednesday 29th May, 15:00–16:00 BST

In our next Energy & Utilities Talks webinar, our people and talent experts will explore the pivotal role of talent in this energy transition journey. Through unique recruitment and retention methods, accelerating skill development and using innovative technology to close the demand and supply gap, we will share our view, and lessons from other sectors, on the tangible steps energy companies, and wider eco-system, should take to truly tackle the skills gap.

25 April 2024

Fuelling the future: the technologies accelerating clean and smart mobility
Thursday 25th April, 15:00–16:00 BST

Join PA’s clean and smart mobility experts from Europe and the US as they outline some of those energy vector and transport mode dynamics, before focussing on the specific use case of road transport fleet electrification.

27 March 2024

Navigating offshore wind: Trends, strategies, and auction insights
Wednesday 27th March, 15:00–16:00 GMT

Join our offshore wind experts as they explore the dynamic landscape of the global offshore wind sector over the past year. Uncover key trends and challenges shaping the industry, from strategic divestments and acquisitions to the evolving auction formats. Delve into the intricacies of auction design trends, including the inclusion of non-price criteria, and grasp the risk and opportunities faced by bidders. Gain valuable insights into bid strategy optimisation through expert analysis, offering an understanding of how companies strategically position themselves in this ever-evolving market.

29 February 2024

A review of hydrogen and its derivatives’ role in the energy transition
29th February, 15:00–16:00 GMT

PA’s experts will explore the role that hydrogen and derivatives (ammonia, methanol and SAFs) could play in advancing the rapidly evolving energy transition in Europe and the US. Recognising that hydrogen is not a golden solution for every energy problem, the webinar will be focused on where hydrogen or its derivatives can add the most value and the likely pathways, timelines and drivers that we can expect to see as we head towards 2050.

25 January 2024

EU and UK Power Markets Outlook
Thursday 25th, 10:00–11:00AM GMT

Titled ‘EU and UK Power Markets Outlook’, our energy and utilities experts will explore the rapidly evolving power markets. The webinar will be focused on the current electricity prices and trends, the drivers of future electricity prices – including the outlook for demand, policy and regulation, and the future generation mix – and forecast electricity prices and trends out to 2050.

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