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Financial services can change the world

By empowering the conscious consumer

For most consumers, the biggest impact they can have on sustainability is through their finances. Switching to a sustainability-focused pension, for example, is more than 21 times as effective at cutting carbon emissions than stopping flying, becoming a vegetarian and moving to a renewable energy provider combined.

Yet the financial services industry isn’t capitalising on this opportunity – there’s a lack of choice in sustainable financial products. Consumers are becoming more aware, and demand for more sustainable finance choices will increase.

Access the findings from our 3,500-strong consumer study to find out what consumers want when it comes to sustainable finance:

  • What issues really inspire them?
  • What barriers are stopping them from embracing sustainable finance solutions?
  • And where do financial services firms need to focus to meet their needs?

Download our report for unique insight, expertise, and interviews with industry leaders, and learn where financial services firms must focus if they’re to truly help people live more sustainably.

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