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The next transformation in healthcare: when care = cure

We stand on the precipice of a healthcare transformation.

The next transformation in healthcare: when care = cure

In recent decades, societies have tried to shift the focus from treating acute conditions in emergency settings to managing chronic conditions. Right now, half of all adults live with a chronic condition and almost two-thirds of over-65s live with multiple chronic conditions.

Health system managers are grappling with two big questions – how to put patients at the centre of treatment decisions and how to share risk between stakeholders to give patients better outcomes and more value.

The next big change is already at the door. This one is moving us from the management of chronic conditions to the prevention and cure of disease. We’ll see new business models appear to fund this kind of healthcare and deal with the ethical implications. The impact on society of this transition will be at least as profound as that of acute-to-chronic.

What can healthcare stakeholders do now to meet the challenges of this future? It starts with understanding what’s coming.

Download our report to find answers to four key questions about this new transformation to care=cure:

  • Where and how will we deliver care?
  • Who will deliver care?
  • How will we fund care?
  • What are the ethical questions?
The next transformation in healthcare: when care = cure

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