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How long is the road to driverless vehicles?

Cut through the hype

How long is the road to driverless vehicles?

The sight of driverless test vehicles on our roads has led many to question how much longer it will be until their own vehicles pick them up.

In an attempt to answer that question, PA’s latest research looks beyond the technology and reveals what needs to happen to make connected autonomous vehicles (CAVs) on roads across Denmark, Sweden and Norway a reality.

Download our report to discover why:

  • Technology and business models don't go hand in hand
  • Regulation could be a roadblock
  • The insurance industry faces fundamental change
  • There is no direction or vision for infrastructure
  • It will be at least a decade before CAVs are seen on roads in the Nordics

What's more, we outline how the region can keep pace as we move to a new world of autonomy.

How long is the road to driverless vehicles?

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