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See how predictive intelligence could revolutionise your business

Predict the future: Unilever and PA reveal their ground-breaking predictive platform

CASI provides leading-edge visibility of the COVID-19 pandemic, enabling business leaders to identify emerging risks and make key decisions ahead of time.

Going far beyond the pandemic, CASI is a breakthrough in predictive intelligence that changes the way leaders can anticipate and manage major trends affecting their industry.

Explore the exciting opportunities predictive intelligence represents for your organisation:

  • See how CASI transforms data in a seamless interface, achieving 75 percent prediction accuracy for 30-day trend forecasts at global, regional and site level for COVID-19
  • Gain unparalleled access to real-time reporting and predictive intelligence
  • Get ahead of time: revolutionise your business with prediction-led decision-making, helping you manage global trends
  • Learn how Unilever teams worldwide use CASI daily, to safeguard their people and supply chain
  • Reimagine the future of work, employee well-being and predicting consumer behaviour
  • “CASI represents a breakthrough in expertly navigating the world of open data to uncover real value and predictive insight, unlocking far-reaching possibilities for the future.”
    Wil Schoenmakers, Global Head of Consumer, Retail and Manufacturing, PA Consulting

Predict the future: Unilever and PA reveal their ground-breaking predictive platform

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