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How to differentiate and survive in the evolving biosimilars market

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As a new generation of biosimilars is reaching the market, companies are working out how to win the hearts and minds of customers, it’s not just about price. And they’re deciding which commercial models to adopt in an increasingly complex market.

Drawing on our research with senior executives in the industry, our latest report will help you:

  • understand the evolution of biosimilars and its effect on the current state of play
  • use the models of biosimilar companies to analyse the market and understand how different organisations are likely to evolve their business
  • explore how companies are looking to set themselves apart from the competition
  • assess current commercial models and understand how they’re evolving

Our research provides key takeaways for executives in biosimilar companies looking to bring drugs to market. And for executives in originator companies trying to develop strategies to defend their products against biosimilar competition.

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