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Beyond the Hype report

Making cell and gene therapy a medical reality

Cell and gene therapy has the potential to redefine medicine, with hype around the sector at an all-time high.

It’s important for organisations who have a stake in this sector to act now if we are to make cell and gene therapy a reality.

We've identified four key areas to explore: technology, manufacturing & supply chain, regulation, and commercialisation, and have outlined steps that companies should begin taking now to shorten the odds on success and cut the risk of their therapies ending up as victims of the hype cycle.

Download our paper to explore how to:

  1. Maximise value beyond the therapy by establishing a deep understanding of the patients that your therapy benefits most
  2. Tackle manufacturing and supply chain early in the process by pursuing key collaborations
  3. Work closely with regulators from the get-go
  4. Demonstrate the value that your therapy brings for all stakeholders and implement creative pricing models.

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